Sometimes 2 Divided by 5 Won’t Work

There comes a time in our lives when we care less about people’s opinions of us and start living life the way you would like to. Some people call this YOLO, but the more generally accepted term is “I don’t give a F**K”. Recently, people have appropriated this term and spun it in very interesting ways eg. “I have seemed to have lost the F**K I was meant to give.” Everyone seems to have an opinion on “F**K” (F), it’s a one-sided relationship, always bashing F, we have yet to hear what F cares about.

Well, this past weekend I met F, and he doesn’t give a care about us either! F will take you under his wing, butter you up and leave you wounded on a futon, not knowing whether water is your friend or not. This weekend, I have grown to respect F much more, and will begin to care about his feelings, next time I decide to live like a motherless child.

So what happened this weekend???? Southern Africans

Three sets of people made decisions that in the collective could easily turn into World Star Hip-Hops first reality TV show. The first set were 2 females who left the clurb in the meat-packing district after girl #1s birthday to say a quick hello to a friend in Brooklyn. Set #2 were the 3 folk in Brooklyn who decided to drive from Brooklyn at 4am to Queens and back, to get speakers. The third set were the people in Brooklyn who allowed for this to go on.

The minute I walked into that apartment building in BK all sorts of memories flashed before my eyes, and not the pretty type of memories. These are Katniss finding out she is going BACK to the Hunger Games type memories. You know you’re defeated before you even begin.

Collection hat passed AGAIN, Malt purchased AGAIN, House music blaring AGAIN, requests for Drake sent AGAIN, Failed attempts at leaving AGAIN. As one patron pointed out, “At this stage, we have gained the right to be invited to each others weddings” The comfort level we have with each other is abnormal; the fact that we enjoy each others company at our lowest moral point is a bond no one can take away. I now know what it feels like to be a member of the Jersey Shore, Snooki, I empathize with you.

The first time I got myself into this situation, I called myself a victim of a hostage situation, this time, I must just accept that this is a lifestyle I have chosen. No need to feel sorry for myself anymore, but I know I can do better.

So to my fellow poor decision-makers, please remember our promise to each other. When we become important figures of this world, no need for  public slander. When in need, money will be transferred into our bank accounts. Our children will be afforded the best education with each others help. And sometimes it is better to go upstairs with no box, rather than 2 slices of pizza!


One response to “Sometimes 2 Divided by 5 Won’t Work

  1. Musa

    Some thing will never (ever) change! And I so support the “no public slander motion”

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