I wish I were more comfortable with expressing my feelings
‘cause I will tell you that I appreciate you.
Not in a nonchalant, hey you exist kind of way, but in a
I am extremely grateful to have met you and have you in my life
I appreciate that you listen to me, help me, and more importantly
I appreciated that you get angry at me; it means you care.
Life’s beauty is to know people care about you,
And my greatest reward is to be able to care for you
I, like you, don’t want to see you suffer,
I hope for bright days filled with joy
I know that this will not always be the case
But I selfishly pray that I can make the journey more bearable
And I selflessly pray that you are able to do so without me
Reflecting on days past, I hope your only regrets
Are the laugh lines and crow eyes on your face
An indication of a life well smiled
I Thank God for your being, and in our conversations I thank him for sharing you with me
I thank you for sharing with me
I am a loose fitted, gaping hole sweater without you
My life is interwoven with your am
Thank you for crocheting the missing parts and keeping me warm
What I am trying to say is, and I don’t say it often enough is
I love you

RIP Karabelo “Bear” Suping


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