RIP to Malik,the 5 Foot Freak

One of my first music memories are the sounds of A Tribe Called Quest (thanks to older siblings) I went through my own Tribe “awakening” during my Sophmore year of college. I own almost every Tribe CD. A crossed off item from my bucketlist – watching Beats, Rhymes & Life with (really with – as in he paid for my ticket,popcorn and soda and I sat right behind with) Ali Saheed Mohammed.

A Tribe Called Quest (You have to say the whole thing like a Pimp Named Slickback) are part and parcel of Baby Phoof’s musical lexicon. And Phife Dawg, The 5 foot freak, is every part of my love for the group. Hearing about his passing dealt a blow.

To the ultimate sport loving hip hop legend!




You on point Phife?

All the time…!



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