Jayy Perry – Muses

I’m back in school, and that means I now have more time to procrastinate. This time I justify my procrastination by supporting a person whose voice I first heard singing accapella during our undergraduate years – Jayy Perry (that was not her name in college)

The first time I really paid attention to Jayy was after she was featured in our college’s newspaper. She spoke on being approached by major labels at a young age but that it was not the right time or fit, and that she wanted to focus on going to college first. I was interested to hear what this young woman had to offer, so I scoured her YouTube videos, and ever since I have watched countless videos – and witnessed her hair transformation through the site.

I never doubted that she was talented, and I was at awe of her quick ability to rearrange songs to fit her vocals and slight rearrangements of melodies, especially of Drake songs – which is one of her favorite artists to cover. In one of her covers she justified doing an Aaliyah cover because she was told that she resembles and sounds like the late singer. A realization I heard while listening to her new mixtape – Muses – which prompted me to come back to writing about music.


 Jayy Perry
Favorite Track: Cant Help Myself and Finished

I follow Jayy Perry on twitter and kept reading about her studio visits with Kashbeats, her babysitting anecdotes, and finally, a link to a song – Wild. I was impressed by her prior musical effort “Speeding” and was hoping that Wild would also slay, and slay it does. In all honesty, all 7 tracks on this mixtape are sonically satiating.

The feel of the mixtape is more smooth laid back beats, obviously influenced by this new stoner R&B sound with sensual lyrics. At first listen I wanted to compare her to Jhene Aiko, but I thought that unfair, Muses has some added umph that is a little more – for lack of better vocabulary –  zestier. However, I had a sudden Ah-ha moment when “Something (Interlude) came one and suddenly reminded me of “Can I Come Over” Aaliyah, and I was like “Yaaaasss”

Not to make this post about Drake, but he says he connects to Aaliyah’s music because of its melody and lyrics that guys feel comfortable singing to. I feel that similarly, Jayy Perry’s Muse has similar musical riffs to both artists, and the unisex lyrics (not forgetting the lesbihonesty lyrics) can resonate with anyone.

If you enjoy music to smoke a blunt to, over a glass of wine, or just to vibe to, I would definitely recommend you download Muse, ASAP – no Rocky



Summer Solstice

I blame Lebron, D. Wade and Bosh for how hot it is, loooorrrrrrddddd have mercy (no 2 Chainz)

This heat deserves a full fledged conversation.

Yesterday during my no go outside campaign, I secretly wanted to be at a party on a rooftop in as little clothing as social acceptable drinking a woodchuck cider bem gelada! Then I began to drift into the  idea of said party and I flashed to a scene. Me, on my 4th woodchuck, taken over by the heat and fermented pears – because I am drinking pear flavored Woodchuck)  begin to  dance unabashedly on the rooftop (Truth be told, I unabashedly dance with or without aid).  Suddenly, I begin to belt out with the music, and I sing, song after song (another usual occurrence) and this is what I am singing along to:

My summer mixtape beginning yesterday July 6th 2012.

This is my first time curating a mix like this, and my not wanting to just play full tracks used the only thing available, Garageband. So yes, I know it’s janky, but I had to start somewhere.


  1. J*Davey – Smells Like Teen Spirit
  2. SBTRKT ft Yukimi – Wildfire
  3. Usher – Climax
  4. Beyonce – Countdown
  5. Tyga – Rack City
  6. Azealia Banks – 212
  7. Kendrick Lamar ft Dr. Dre – The Recipe
  8.  Beyonce – Party
  9. Drake – The Motto
  10. Edwin Van Cleef  ft Jane Hanley- Liztomania (Remix)
  11. SBTRKT – Something Goes Right
  12. Rusko – Hold On
As the summer progresses, I will add more songs and tweak it a bit better. So for now, enjoy, and hope the weather is kinder to you wherever you are!