Tunesday (on a Sunday): Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment – Sunday Candy

Cape Town’s winters are happy winters (in comparison to Maseru’s Winters) and we have had some beautiful days recently.  The afternoons have almost been as feel good as Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment’s Sunday Candy

Chancelor Bennett makes me happy, Jamila Woods voice makes me happy, overall Im a happy chappy. Thanks Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment (does DTatSE include Chance? I feel like I am having a Tracee Ellis Ross moment)


Tunesday: Maleh – You Make My Heart Go

I don’t really have aspirations to be famous in the celebrity sense of the word. I always thought that if I were to be famous, I’d be famous by association. I’d be one of those people whose quirky insight is featured in a memoir or a Vh1 special (do they still have those?), I’d love to be thanked in someone’s liner notes – that would be dope too. However, I never hope to be Jhonni Blaze famous by association famous – nu-uh!

My first Tunesday of the year (I’m slacking) is awarded to someone who I always tell that my claim to fame would be people knowing that I sang in choir with her in primary and high school (those anecdotes can feature on Vh1/MTV/Channel O specials – call me 😉 ). Undoubtedly, she is the MUCH better singer and person – one of the more affable people I know.

Maleh’s voice is so beautifully textured that it fits so well on easy tracks such as this one and the video compliments the light heartedness of the song as well. The video is also peppered with other people who I’ll famous by association claim, and alongside Maleh, they all make my heart go…..


Tunesday: Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me

For the love of Jessie Ware, and a dedication to all of my law classes (especially Constitutional law)

Tunesday: James Vincent McMorrow – Cavalier

There isn’t much I can say but I cried listening to this on repeat last night.
When I heard another of his tracks on Majestic Casual’s youtube channel, I thought it was Sampha and was shocked to see the face behind the song.

Wow, this man, his voice and his melodies.

I thank the UK artists for continuing to put feeling into music – it’s much needed and appreciated

Tunesday: The Weeknd – Kiss Land

If you don’t know that I love (read obsess) over Mr Abel Tesfaye then we cannot be friends.

I have always said that The Weeknd was my 2011, and I attended his concert in Boston in April last year.

I have seen him *cue Rolling Stone* enter the mainstream, and I have told EVERYONE who was introduced to The Weeknd through the Wicked Games video that he makes me want to do the naughtiest things in the best way possible.

I also hold theory that two people left in a room listening to The Weeknd wont come out unscathed.

Enough groupie love, let me give you more groupie love and please, listen to Kiss Land, his newest offering (I can’t wait for his next project)

ALSO, Mr Tesfaye does best when he gives us his two for one damn marathons of a song i.e. The Party and the After Party….

Okay I’m done! Happy Tunesday (no Thursday)

Tunesday: Lebolukewarm ft Reason – I want You

I am number one cheerleader. I love seeing people I know do what they love and do it well. I will toot their horn louder, and more irritatingly than the taxis in Maseru.

With that, my tooting of the horn comes courtesy of Lebolukewarm. I’ve known the kid for a while, back when we were impressionable teens in Bloem.

I heard this joint a while back when he dropped it and I was impressed. I normally get fidgety when someone I know drops a song, ’cause of the fears of you not liking it and then having to tell the person to do better. Luckily, this is a dope track and video.

My humbug of the video is, you know, the side chickness of this track….

Ah ve, Tunesday is back, and I am glad that I have this track to reusher it in!

Tunesday: Passion Pits – Sleepy Head

Where have I been?

I will save my “Coming Home” reflection for another day. But while I miss American luxuries such as Netflix and Pandora, I decided to work with what I have. Internet and Youtube.  So I not-so-old school decided to create a youtube playlist, which centers around me picking a song and listening to the suggested songs to create my list.

My point song for today’s Tunesday was Miike Snow’s Animal, where I stumbled across this gem.  Like my life temporarily changed after hearing this song

The second I heard this song, my whole mood perked up. A smile developed across my face, my head started to bop hard, and I wanted to yell out, alas I was (and still am) at work.

If House, Hip Hop, Punk Pop and Daft Punk were to have a baby, this song would be it.

And to top it all off, Passion Pit is from my old Stomping ground, Cambridge, MA! Befitting? I say so

So again, where am I? Johannesburg, South Africa 🙂

Tunesday – Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks

I am about to embark on one of the biggest transitions in my life AGAIN, moving back home after 7 years of being away.

I’m nervous, excited, and a little overwhelmed by the move. I don’t think that it has totally sunk in that this is it, I’m done with the US until ???  All I hope for is that Southern Africa treats me well in all sense of the word. So today I am officially giving you guys my two weeks notice:

Tunesday – Gotye/Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody That I Used To Know

This Mashup goes INNNNNNNNN

I think I make up for about 100 of this mashup’s views
Just more evidence that you can put anyone on a Timbo beat and it will sound hot

Tunesday – Valentine: Jessie Ware Ft Sampha


Two of the most sensual voices out right now molded together. I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to this song and it hits me every time, more so now than then.