And my fellow countrymen, we are poor

“There’s one big difference between the poor and the rich”…
“No — the big difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich are blithe. They believe nothing can ever really be so bad… Their lives are the same for generations. There is no social upheaval that will really affect them. If you’re comfortably middle class, what’s the worst a government policy could do? Ever? Tax you at 90 percent and leave your bins un emptied on the pavement. But you and everyone you know will continue to drink wine — but maybe cheaper — go on holiday — but somewhere nearer — and pay off your mortgage —although maybe later.
Consider, now, the poor. What’s the worst a government policy can do to them?  It can cancel their operation, with no recourse to private care. It can run down their school— with no escape route to prep. It can have you out of your house and in a B&B by the end of the year. When the middle classes get passionate about politics, they’re arguing about their treats — their tax breaks and their investments. When the poor get passionate about politics, they’re fighting for their lives.” – Caitlin Moran vis John Kite in ‘How to Build a Girl’